Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Pen Obsessed? You are not alone!

Even in today’s world of smartphones and tablets people still hold their favorite pens close to their hearts 

Why are people in love (obsessed) with one type of pen over another? Let’s take a closer look!

We should start with the types of pens out there today. Modern types of pens can be categorized by the kind of writing tip or point on the pen here are some examples!

A ballpoint pen 
dispenses an oil-based ink by rolling a small hard sphere
A rollerball pen 
dispenses a water-based liquid or gel ink through a ball tip similar to that of a ballpoint pen.
A fountain pen 
uses water-based liquid ink delivered through a nib. The ink flows from a reservoir through a "feed" to the nib, then through the nib, due to capillary action and gravity.

A Marker pen or felt-tip pen
has a porous tip of fibrous material.
A gel pen 
uses ink in which pigment is suspended in a water-based gel.[19] Because the ink is thick and opaque, it shows up more clearly on dark or slick surfaces than the typical inks used in ballpoint or felt tip pens. 

But people’s obsession with pens goes way beyond the type of pen! There are tons of bloggers typing furiously about their love of pens happily reviewing and researching any new pen or feature! 

There is even a podcast called “Penaddict”!  Whose tagline “There are worse addictions right?” we agree with.

One thing we know for certain here at collage is that choosing the right pen is Personal!

collage is known for carefully researching and curating the pens we choose to carry. 
We test, discuss and have our staff give us reviews before we even put a pen on the shelf!

One of our current “WOW!” are these Pentel micro-felt tipped brush pens! They come in a brilliant variety of incredible hues of water soluble ink.

Blogger, Tina Koyama from “The Well Appointed Desk” says,
Remove the cap, however, and the “ultra-fine” part becomes obvious. If you were tasked with the proverbial job of painting the eyelashes of angels, this pen would get the job done. It has the finest brush tip of any brush pen I’ve used.”

If that doesn’t have you excited then double ended Mildliners will! 
These are Bullet Journaling enthusiasts "go-to' pen! 

We have ALL the NEW mildliner colors,in BOTH Styles,
AND we sell them individually and in sets!

Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Bullet Journal Method: Recording the Past, Organizing the Present and Designing the Future!

Photo courtesy of Zebra Pen

By now, most of you fabulous creatives are either using, or have heard of a Bullet Journal, but did you know that there is a whole methodology behind using a Bullet Journal?

The Bullet Journal System or “BuJo” for short, was created by Ryder Carroll. Ryder was diagnosed with learning disabilities early in life and grew up struggling to stay focused and productive. 

Though his many years of trying different methods and tools to overcome his challenges, it was out of necessity that he developed an alternative way to stay organized. However, he found that his method moved well beyond just a simple planner. Today, Ryder focuses his efforts on helping people learn the method of “Bullet Journaling” and free them from years of struggle.

Ryder explains, "When I was young, I was diagnosed with ADD and there weren't a lot of tools or resources available, so I had to design my own," he explains. "Rather than keep notes like other people, I figured out how to organize and sort information the way that my mind works."

If you search the web for Bullet Journal Method you will find yourself simply overwhelmed with the results! There are so many ways of using the method you might just throw your hands up and say "Forget it!". 

Here is what we would like to tell you. There is no right way or wrong way to do it! It can be neat or messy, minimal or full of pages and pages of graphic spreads. Ryder himself explains the process:

Feel a little overwhelmed? That's OKAY! Allow me to get a little personal. My name is Mary, and not only am I happily employed by your favorite art and craft supply store collage, I myself struggled for years until I was diagnosed as an adult with acute ADD. Even though I was able to understand why my brain works the way it does, I still struggled staying organized and productive. Traditional planners always seemed restrictive and I in turn I always gave up.

Until I stumbled upon Jessica and her fantastic Youtube channel " How to ADHD" and her video on starting a Bullet Journal. Jessica breaks it down for us and has literally changed my life! I highly recommend a Bullet Journal if you or someone you know (both young and old) is challenged by ADHD.

Check it out! 

Ready to try it out? 

collage carries not only the original book " The Bullet Journal Method" by Ryder Carroll

 but also serval blank bullet journals and everything else you might need or want to start your Bullet Journal journey!  

Take a tip from Carroll: "Bullet journaling is always about function over form, right? And to be very clear about that, form can mean sloppy or beautiful. It doesn't matter what your bullet journal looks like. It's about how it makes you feel, and how effective it is in moving you towards the things that matter to you."

Saturday, August 10, 2019


First things first! What is Marbling? Marbling is the art of creating colorful patterns by sprinkling and brushing color pigments on a pan of oily water and then transforming this pattern to paper. This ancient art has come a long way and moved beyond pulp. 

Leslie Camhi wrote in her New York Times article titled “The Ancient Art of Marble Painting Gets a 21st-Century Update
“The origins of marbling, The ancient technique of creating bewitching, swirling patterns of pigment on water and capturing them on paper , remains shrouded in mystery. Japanese aristocrats practiced a related, largely monochromatic technique, called suminagashi (“floating ink”), to enhance calligraphy and haiku, as far back as the 12th century. But it wasn’t until about 1600 that European travelers returned from Turkey and Persia with examples of the marbling we know today: wildly colorful papers that sparked a craze for embellishment among bookbinders, cabinetmakers, stationers and others that lasted well into the 19th century.”


It's that time of the year again! The Alberta Street Fair is upon us and we want you to get to know the fun art of MARBLING! You will be using our favorite supplies from Jacquard to make your own bandana! 

Right under collage's rainbow tent you can purchase and white bandana and marble your way to MADNESS! 
collage on Alberta
1639 NE Alberta St.
Portland, Oregon 

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Resonating With Art Resin!

For this week's blog post, we have decided to not make you read as much and simply sit back and watch our latest instructional video from collage University!

Are you ready to take your pieces to the next level? Get them to STAND OUT and POP? 

Welcome to the wonderful process of 
Painting goldfish in resin
The GREAT thing about resin epoxy is that will bond with just about EVERY medium! (with the exception of wax paper and some plastics including silicone (i.e. materials that repel water))
Resin Pendants by Sveta Fresh
It works great on wood, glossy photographs, inkjet prints, acrylic, oil paint that has completely dried, watercolor, spray paint, encaustic, raw canvas, ink, paper collage, oil pastel, cardboard, sculpture, silicone molds, leaves, rocks, and on and on and on! 

The best thing to do is experiment and have fun! 
check out the LAYERING of Dustin Yellin’s resin and glass megaworks

BUT! before you do, there are some important basics that will help you avoid potential mishaps in future. 

Remember, you can always stop into any of our art & craft supply shops and any one of our experienced artists can help you pick up everything you need to begin your epoxy journey!




TIP: Not sure how much you need? here's a great tool to help: RESIN CALCULATOR 

Sunday, June 23, 2019

MISTAKES HAPPEN! So, let's have fun fixing them!

People have been making mistakes long before the eraser was invented! To erase inks from papyrus Egyptians used bits of rough stone like sandstone or pumice. In Japan during the Meiji Era, they even used soft bread! 

Tapped Tree to Harvest Latex
It wasn't until 1770, that an industrious fellow by the name of Edward Nairne stumbled upon the material known as "Gum Elastic" by mistakenly picking the rubbery substance up instead of a handful of breadcrumbs

Edward had a big problem though. Since his rubber was natural it would rot and then smell BAD! 

 It wouldn't be until almost 50 years later that Charles Goodyear, (yes that Goodyear!) figured out a way to cure the erasers called "vulcanization", which made the erasers more durable (and less stinky). This process catapulted  this rubbery substance into a staple in all homes.

These days, erasers are not just used to help us out and rub away our mistakes. They are highly sought after collectables that come in all shapes and sizes.

Every artist & crafter should know the different types of erasers and what they are best used for. Helloetsy.com made a fun little infographic about what the different types of erasers are best used for:

Now, let us move on to something that is near and dear to our hearts over here at collage..
Japan is already known for making things EXTRA cute and they sure aren't shy when is comes to their erasers! These little guys would make anyone smile, mistake after mistake! 

If you can think of something, 
then they probably made it into an eraser. 

collage is ALL in for the cuteness! 
So much so that RIGHT NOW in all three of our supply stores we have huge towers full of these little Japanese darlings just waiting for you to dig through! 

Here are some (certainly not all) of the other fun erasers 
we have waiting for you in our shops!  

Even as I write this blog post, I have one of my favorite erasers handy from collage. 
(You know, for those really BIG mistakes)

you find yourself near our NE Alberta location stop in and snap a pic with 
collage's very own..
Largest Pencil Eraser in The West!