Thursday, July 19, 2018

DIY Technique: Watercolor on Leather

July is World Watercolor Month, and we were so intrigued when we found out that you can use watercolor on LEATHER!  All of the crafting leather that we carry at collage will work for this process.  We recommend a leather that is light or neutral in tone and matte, eggshell, or semi-gloss to get the optimal vibrancy of the watercolor paint.  You will need to pre-treat the leather with rubbing alcohol.

All supplies are available at collage.

Supplies needed:

Watercolor Paints (we used the Daniel Smith brand, our favorites!)
Daniel Smith Transparent Watercolor Ground
Paint brushes
Watercolor Pallette
Spray Fixative

Use the sandpaper to abrade the smooth side of the leather after it's cleaned with rubbing alcohol.  This will create a textured surface for the Daniel Smith Watercolor ground.  Apply a thick coat of the watercolor ground with a brush.  Allow the ground to cure for 24 hours with each coat (we recommend two) to allow for maximum absorbency.

Now for the fun part!  Paint the fully dried surface with your watercolor paint.  Notice how the ground has created a surface very similar to watercolor paper!  When finished allow it to dry fully for 2-3 hours.

When your watercolor has fully dried, use spray fixative to seal in the painting on the leather, and allow to dry for 24 hours before handling.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Summer Crafting: Paint Your Own Stone Kits

Summertime means spending a lot of time outside in our yards and gardens, and we're always looking for easy ways to make these spaces a little more magical!  We are in love with these Paint Your Own Stone kit, which creates a faux mosaic on a stone ready to go outside in your garden!  These kits come with everything you need to make the craft, and are recommended for ages 8 and up.  Read on to see how we created ours, and find out some pro tips to use while making this craft.

All supplies are available at collage.

Each of these kits comes with 12 colors of acrylic paint, a paintbrush, and your stone object in blank form.  There's a great color mixing guide in there as well, if you want to create even more colors!  We decided to go with rainbows (our favorite), but your color scheme is totally up to you!

You'll want to make sure that you have a water cup to wash your brush in between colors, and some rags or paper towels to dry it.

When applying your colors, remember to spread the color out evenly.  The paints will need several coats of each color to make it fully opaque.  Acrylic paint dries pretty quickly!  Remember to throughly wash your brush in between colors to keep them crisp.

Once your masterpiece is finished, you're ready to put it outside!  If you're interested in waterproofing this, we recommend acrylic varnish to seal all of the paints in.  

Monday, July 9, 2018

Product Feature: Daniel Smith Black Watercolor Ground

DIY: Daniel Smith Black Watercolor Ground and Kuretake Gansai Tambi Pearl and Starry Watercolor Sets

July is World Watercolor Month, and we are having so much fun!  These coasters don't look like they were made with watercolor, and that's one of the really fun things about using Daniel Smith black watercolor ground.  Their watercolor ground comes in a variety of colors, and can make any surface ready for watercoloring!  Porous (absorbent) surfaces need no prep for application of the ground.  Non-porous surfaces (non-absorbent) surfaces should be lightly abraded with sandpaper or steel wool before applying.  To see how we made these coasters, read on!

All supplies are available at collage.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Product Feature: Cosmo Cricket Resist Pens

DIY: Cosmo Cricket Resist Pens

Did you know that July is World Watercolor Month?  Watercolor resist is something easy to do that makes you feel like you're performing magic!  Many of the old fashioned paint-on watercolor resists can be intimidating, and hard to clean out of your brushes.  This is why we love that Cosmo Cricket has a resist in pen form!  Keep reading for simple instructions on how to create a masterpiece.  

All supplies are available at collage.

Friday, June 8, 2018

New Products Feature: Summer Edition!

We are so excited for summer vacation!  We have loads of great new products in at our supply stores, including great gifts for Dad, crafting books, craft kits, sticker books, cute squishies, and more! Keep scrolling to check out some of the new goods (supplies may vary by location).
We carry great gifts for Dad, as well as supplies to make Dad the perfect gift.  
Father's Day is coming up on June 17!
 All the things that you need to start making your own zines!
 Sweet and fun new squishies!
 Adorable sticker books!

 Rainbow everything! 
Everything for your summer watercolor needs.
 Awesome crafting kits!
Zebra pen sets and sweet new weekly planners!  

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

New Craft Night at Nectar! Debuting Tuesday, June 5!

We love to collaborate with our business neighbors.  Did you know we are now hosting a brand new  craft night each month at Nectar Froyo, across from our Bybee Blvd supply store in Sellwood!  We will be hosting this the first Tuesday of each month.  Our first one will happen on Tuesday, June 5, from 5pm - 6:30pm.
Here's the project we will be making at our debut craft night: these cute felt Oregon shapes, which can be turned into a brooch, or made into a patch, or used as a pincushion!

Can't make it to this craft night?  Don't fret, we've included the how-to instructions for you below.

Want more info on our upcoming craft nights and other community events we are participating in?  Check our "Upcoming Events" page HERE for all the details!

Click the jump below to see our how-to on these cute felt Oregons; all supplies available at collage!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Join Us for Our Upcoming Pentel Pop Pens demos: RAFFLE prizes included!

We are excited to announce a special demo during the month of May! Local illustrator Jenna Lechner will be joining us to showcase a new series of gel pens, called the Pop Pens Series, released by Pentel. These impressive pens include a series of 3 new pens: Sparkle Pop Pens, Milky Pop Pens, and Solar Pop pens. 

These pens have some really unique qualities, including iridescent glitter, opaque pastel color, and fluorescent color.

A sampling of drawings created with Pentel's new pop pens. All images courtesy of Jenna Lechner.

For this demo, we will be doing a very special raffle! We will be raffling off a backpack full of Pentel Arts supplies, which is loaded with over $300 worth of merchandise! Inside of the Pentel backpack is: a set of 12 color pencils and 12 watercolor pencils, a set of 12 sign pens, a set of 18 color pens, a set of 8 solar pop pens, Pentel's new Tradio calligraphy pen, 15 sign pen brush markers, a pocket brush pen, a color brush pen, a set of 4 aquash water brushes, a Graphgear 1000 mechanical pencil (.5 mm), a set of 5 Hybrid Technica pens, a stylo pen, a set of 8 wet erase chalk markers, 2 white milky pop pens, a super XL eraser, a pigment ink aquash brush, a set of white milky pop pens, a set of 6 Sparkle Pop Pens, and more!

We will also be giving out loads of FREE Pentel samples during this demo, while supplies last! You won't want to miss this one.

Time and Locations:
Sunday, May 13th. collage on Alberta. 1639 NE Alberta St, Portland. Free. Drop in any time between 12-2pm.
Sunday, May 20th. collage in Sellwood. 1634 SE Bybee Blvd, Portland. Free. Drop in any time between 12-2pm.
Sunday, May 27th. collage on Division. 3701 SE Division St, Portland. Free. Drop in any time between 12-2pm.

Click the jump to learn more about each of these 3 amazing new gel pens, and to see more sample photos.