Monday, April 8, 2019


On April 22nd we will celebrating Earth Day. In observance, we wanted to dedicate the next few blog posts to some of the many "Earth Friendly" products collage is proud to carry in our supply stores and gift shop.

The first item we would like to talk about is certainly hard to miss! We know our stores have a wonderfully extensive and distracting selection of glitter. However, among all that brilliance and shine you will find a TRULY remarkable product that might just shine a little bit brighter than the rest.

collage is excited to feature a selection of biodegradable glitter, so you can get your shine-on guilt free! Unlike traditional glitter which is made from plastic, biodegradable glitter is made from plant matter and is able to be used all the ways traditional glitter can. The wonderful facts about biodegradable glitter is that it's made from cellulose film derived from sustainable eucalyptus trees, is vegan-friendly and breaks down in water or soil in 2-3 months!

collage is proud to carry GUILT FREE SPARKLE with three different kinds of biodegradable glitter at all of our supply stores!


Our good friend Major Sparkle, also known as The Sparkle Guy and owner of Ecoglitteris based right here in Portland, Oregon! Maj. Sparkle decided through his own experience as a glitter fun fan, that he wanted to continue his need to make everyone shine, but in a way that wouldn't damage the earth and its inhabitants. How about we hear from the Major himself..

During a St. Patrick’s Day costume run in 2014, I made an impromptu stop along the route and purchased some glitter. I spent the day glitter-dusting friends. Quickly this became tradition, establishing my sparkly reputation. In 2017, news headlines announced that microplastics were affecting global water systems—and glitter was highlighted as an increasing source of long-term microplastic pollution. The whimsical pleasure of glittering up friends suddenly became an unintended form of eco-terrorism, and I realized I didn’t want my pastime to negatively impact the environment. I started Ecoglitter™ out of my desire to provide an affordable, environmental friendly glitter” Thank you Maj. Sparkle!

Cosmic Shimmer

Cosmic Shimmer is a fabulous line of biodegradable glitter and is nice and chunky for all of those super sparkly projects! From festivals to mermaid tails, collage offers 10 beautiful colors and combinations of Cosmic Shimmer to choose from!  



EcoSparkles biodegradable glitter features ultra fine glitter and is a frontrunner on the festival circuit. Spreading guilt free sparkle throughout the world, EcoSparkles is available in eight different colors and continues their mission of providing partygoers and crafters with guilt free shine while protecting the environment.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Thank You to the Community of Sellwood for 7 Awesome Years on SE 13th Ave!

A BIG Thank You to the Sellwood community for 7+ years of 
amazing support at our 7907 SE 13th Street location

Quite a story...
As some of you know, in January of 2012, our SE PDX supply store moved from it's original space on SE Woodstock Blvd,  (where it had opened in May 2008) 
into a lovely little space at 7907 SE 13th.  
The above picture is of our counter, just after opening day on SE 13th, in January 2012.

Unfortunately, we were unable to secure a long-term lease at the SE 13th Street space, and we really desired the security of that.  We began looking for a new location for our Sellwood supply store in the summer of 2017.

We found a lovely retail space,in the Sellwood/Moreland neighborhood, on SE Bybee Blvd. This retail storefront (former home of the Adobe Rose) offered us not only a long-term lease at an affordable price, but also more space and some long-coveted STORAGE!  

We began building this space out in September 2017 and the actual 
"move" took place in November of 2017.  
The picture below is of the outside of our Sellwood art + craft supply store now located at 1634 SE Bybee Blvd.

We needed to live out the lease in our SE 13th St space, and so, decided to create a new store in there for the remainder of our lease term.  We decided to called the "new" store, the collage outlet and transferred all of our clearance items from our 3 art + craft supply stores and our collage annex gift shop there.  

We also stocked the space with "special discounts purchases"  we were able to make from our vendors.  We closed the space for about 2 weeks and re-opened it as the "collage outlet" on the day after Thanksgiving, 2017.

The outlet has been an eclectic mix of products, to say the least.  
Our lease on the space was active through March 31st.  Early in March we started our "moving sale" in hopes to "lighten the load" as we prepped to move the store out of the space.

After the moving sale at the outlet, there was not a lot of merchandise left, but we moved the remnants over to live in a little corner space within our "collage annex" gift shop located at 1607 NE ALBERTA ST.

We will continue to move clearance items from our 
3 art + craft supply stores to that "outlet" corner.

The collage annex is open from 12pm-5pm every day and is located at:
We hope you will come by and visit us there!

Thank you to all who have supported us on SE 13th avenue over the last 7 years!
We so appreciate your business and patronage, and are proud to continue to be 
a part of the Sellwood/Moreland community. 
We hope you will continue to visit us at our 1634 SE Bybee location!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Punch Needles - A Fun and Easy New Embroidery Option!

Needle punching is a craft or art technique of looping yarn, floss or ribbon in the format of a pattern through fabric. The looping gives the pattern a rug like appearance. The origins of needle punching are debatable. Some claim it has been in existence since the ancient Egyptians began making needles out of hollow bird bones, others claim needle punching originated from the Old Believers in Russia, while others trace its origins back to Germany or England. Needle punching is used to embroider items, create wall hanging, ornaments, pillows, rugs and other d├ęcor and crafts. 

Supplies you'll need for Needle Punching include fabric, embroidery floss, a punch needle (with threaders), and an embroidery hoop.  All supplies are available at collage.

The punch needle comes with a threader, and the floss goes through both sides of the needle.  Follow the instructions on the package to get it right!

 Punch needling yields beautiful results!  Work in progress by collage's own, @hournoon.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Score 50% during Week 3 of our outlet's MOVING SALE!!!

Week 3 of the collage outlet MOVING SALE Begins
Monday March 18th at 10am

Hustle on down to score some BIG savings!
10-6 every day
7907 se 13th avenue
portland, or  97202

Sunday, March 10, 2019

collage outlet MOVING SALE--Week 2--Entire store is NOW 30% off!!!

collage outlet 
Our HUGE MOVING SALE continues...
+++Week 2+++
Monday March 11 thru Sunday March 17 
Hustle on down to our outlet and score an 
additional 30% your entire purchase!!!
7907 se 13th avenue

Saturday, March 9, 2019

FREE DEMO with Niki Green from Crafter's Workshop


collage is excited to have Niki from Crafter's Workshop showcasing mixed media techniques at our NE Alberta Street art + craft supply Store!

Wednesday, March 13th 
11am to 1pm
1639 ne alberta st
portland, or  97211

Niki is a Canadian Artist from Victoria, BC. Her art reflects her love of nature and She believes in the power of quietly listening to one's inner Artist and nurturing the organic artistic process. and sells her finished work Internationally.

She will show how to add color and texture into your artwork by incorporating these tools in both subtle and surprising ways.

You won't want to miss this opportunity to see how just a few new tools 
can change the trajectory of your art! 

Niki will be using The Crafter's Workshop's stencils, heavy body acrylic paints, and 
acrylic mediums products in her demonstration.


Sunday, March 3, 2019

Our Outlet MOVING SALE Starts Monday March 4th!!!

collage is pleased as punch to announce :
Our outlet location is MOVING at the end of March! 

So.... You know what that means???
We are having a BIG SALE, and we mean a 
REALLY Big sale!

So, head on down to our outlet because
...Our MOVING SALE starts Monday March 4th!!

Shop EARLY in the month for the BEST Selection!
Shop LATER in the month for the BEST Deals!

collage outlet
open 10-6 every day
7907 se 13th avenue
portland, or  97202

Scroll down for some pics of just some of the awesome merchandise you will find 

currently at the outlet:

Get a move on because these items will be gone in a FLASH!

Please note:  we cannot guarantee that the above pictured items will remain in stock for long, so hustle on down to ensure you get what you want.

The MOVING SALE will continue until all of our merchandise is gone, 
or through the end of March, whichever comes first ;)

We suggest you follow our Instagram page for real time updates:
We will be posting any/all additional discounts and the official "last day" we will open.

After the MOVING SALE is over we will be packing up and sending any/all remnant merchandise to the outlet's new digs:
1607 ne alberta
portland, or 97211

 Yes, it's true, the collage outlet is moving in with her little sister store: 
and both will re-open on April 1st with the NEW every day hours of 12-5pm

We thank you for 7 GREAT years on SE 13th avenue!