Thursday, May 23, 2019

Let's Talk Copic Markers & The New collage Refill Station!

Maybe you are a seasoned illustrator or maybe you are just starting out. With 358 colors and four different body styles,trying to jump into Copic markers can be intimidating!  

Don't worry! The "collage copic club" has your back and is here to help you navigate the wonderful blended world of Copic!

A great place to start is learning a little bit about these alcohol inked non-toxic beauties!

Copic makes one of the highest quality alcohol markers in the world. Originally developed for the Japanese manga industry, Copic markers are ideal for all styles of art, design, illustration, crafts or just doodling while binge watching Game of Thrones! 

Not only that! They are durable, refillable, and have replaceable nibs! Basically, you only need to buy a Copic Marker once! That's right, just once! 

Hold on, wait a minute, Okay, We just can't wait until the end of the this blog post to tell you our exciting news! More about Copic Markers after this!

Introducing the collage Copic Refill Station!!

You can bring in ALL your Sketch or Ciao Copic Markers to our Alberta location and get them filled! That's right! for only $2.00-$3.00 you can fill your markers as if they were brand new! Have your nibs seen better days? 
Well, we can get those replaced for you!

The best part? 
You can hang around while we fill them 
just leave them with us and pick them up later !


So, how can you tell is your Ciao or Sketch needs refilling:
  1. inconsistent coloring
  2. “dragging” of the nib while coloring; sometimes with a squeaky sound
  3. white-ish nib
Still not not sure if your Ciao or Sketch could use a drink? No problem! Just bring them into collage on Alberta and ask any of our collage rock stars for help! They will weigh your marker and let your know if it could use a top off! 


Vibrant, Smooth Color
it applies smoothly and is easy to blend.The alcohol based ink dries acid free and does not destroy paper fibers the way water based inks do. And for an added bonus, Copic markers are free of harmful chemicals and overwhelming odors
Once you buy a Copic marker you have a friend for life! You can continue to refill your marker and replace the nibs (marker tips) for as log as you want. Some artists have been using the same markers for almost 25 years, really!
Get this! Copic markers will not dry if you don't use them.They have a guaranteed 3-year shelf life! It's not a Twinkie, but still pretty impressive and kind to your wallet. 
Quality Tested
Each marker goes through it's own boot camp by being hand-tested for overall quality and color consistency three times before it even starts its journey from Japan to your friendly neighborhood collage.
Super Brush Nib
In our opinion, there are very few other brush markers on the market that have the feel of a Copic. Performing with amazing results this unique, flexible with be smooooothe sailing!

What's the difference between the two most popular Copic Markers, the Ciao and the Sketch? 

The Ciao Marker comes in 180 colors and is refillable.  The  Ciao marker is shaped differently than the Sketch but the nibs are identical.  As you can see from the photo,the shape of the Ciao marker is round. They hold less ink (which really isn’t an issue since they are refillable) and they come in fewer colors. If you are starting out on a budget, Ciao’s may be a good buy for you!

Copic Sketch is the most popular among all the Copic markers. It comes in the widest range of colors, and features Medium Broad and flexible Super Brush nib combination. Ideal for illustration, craft and caricature. Also “Sketch Original (empty marker)” allows you to mix the colors or expand your collection with by using Various Ink to fill them up. 358 Colors.

The possibilities are ENDLESS when you use Copic Markers! All three of our supply stores carry Copic Markers and our Alberta shop can give those dry thirsty Sketch or Ciao markers a much needed drink for a very affordable price! 

She's a thing of beauty! Come see her in person!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Fun in the Sun with Cyanotype!

The process of Cyanotype was originally invented by an astronomer named Sir William Hershel in 1842 for the purpose of copying notes. It was actually a family friend of Hershel, Anna Atkins, a botanist and photographer, who used the process to make what some people say was the first published book of photography. She used Cyanotype for documenting collected specimens of algae.
   Anna Atkins,1861
 1843 book, Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impression  
A Cyanotype Photogram by Atkins

The word cyan comes from the Greek, meaning “dark blue substance”.  Compared to other photographic printing processes, cyanotype is easy and inexpensive! No darkroom is needed, instead it uses the power of the sun! Ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide are combined, and exposure to UV light creates ferric ferrocyanide, also known as Prussian Blue (named for the color of the Prussian military uniforms.) Here's a fun fact!: even though the cyanotype process is no longer used in construction, it is still referred to a "blueprint" today.
Okay! Let's fast forward to the here and now! We have right at this moment in our supply shops everything you need to harness the power of the sun! Make detailed prints from virtually any object that casts a shadow! We also know seeing is believing, so stop in and see a sample for yourself!
That's right! Anything! Tools, toys, plants, leaves, stones, sand, string, lace; the possibilities are endless! The great thing is that you can do this will ALL AGES! 

THIS STUFF IS FOR EVERYONE! Cyanotype is great for photographers, mixed media artists, printmakers, quilters, kids and more! The cyanotype process is easy, forgiving, quick, magical and fun! Capture the nuance of every shadow; this is a great group activity for any age! Come on in to any of our shops and ask our collage rock stars to help you fill your basket with everything you need for a fun and DIFFERENT summer craft!

Monday, April 8, 2019

Primatek: Literally Made From The Ground Up!

We here at collage get an extra jump in our step when SCIENCE AND NATURE meet and deliver AMAZING results, and that is exactly what Daniel Smith, one of our favorite and most trusted paint manufacturers has done!

by Daniel Smith

Did you know that the use of pigments predates recorded history? From prehistoric times to the Renaissance and beyond, artists have relied on pigments mined from the earth. Through the centuries all different cultures in time have found ways to express themselves.

For example, some of indigenous tribes of North America found their materials in riverbeds, crushing & mixing them with animal fats, then infusing their pigments into everyday objects such as parfleche and other rawhide items.

Watercolors literally made from the ground up! 

The PrimaTek line began in 1998 when Daniel Smith decided to find and formulate a brilliant mineral called Lapis Lazuli into artist-quality watercolor paint. Lapis Lazuli is the same gold speckled blue gemstone seen in King Tut’s mask!

Ground Lapis Lazuli
Raw Lapis Lazuli
The response from artists was so great,that soon Daniel Smith hired their own mineralogist to travel the globe in search of other exciting natural pigments.

Finding these minerals involves Indiana Jones-worthy journeys by plane, jeep and even mule to remote locations to identify high-quality veins of ore.The large minerals are then processed into pigment to reveal the colors within. 

These pigments are then blended with the perfect ratio of medium, ground and re-ground to bring out the natural beauty of each color. 

Daniel Smith offers PrimaTek Watercolors in colors such as Bloodstone Genuine, Jadeite Genuine and Sodalite Genuine. Nearly all PrimaTeks have granulating properties which gives those watercolors wonderful texture and depth, which some artists have described as being “magical".

“I have always been fascinated by rocks. In fact, some of my earliest memories are of finding rocks with unique colors and qualities, or of the smooth ones I could paint pictures on. I never dreamed then that I would one day be able to paint with them! From the first brushstroke I knew that PrimaTek paints were going to be an amazing addition to my watercolor palette. Hello rich natural colors, fascinating textures and the delight of the magical combination of water plus pure mineral pigment. My students are thrilled with how simple it can be to create really exciting paintings. Landscapes nearly paint themselves! I’ve found they add an extra dimension to watercolor that captivates both beginners and seasoned artists alike. A painting experience not to be missed!”    
—Artist & Educator, Julie Karlsson

 Who Knew?

DANIEL SMITH PrimaTek Watercolors are made from minerals that produce vibrant, luminous colors, like Amethyst Genuine, Serpentine Genuine and Rhodonite Genuine. Most artists are surprised that “rocks” can become such brilliant colors! While PrimaTeks are gorgeous paints on their own, they mix beautifully with other watercolors as well!

It is because of the care that Daniel Smith takes during every step of the manufacturing process that collage is confident in providing you with these truly professional quality paints with a consistency you’ll rely on tube after tube, year after year!

collage carries an abundant selection of Daniel Smith Watercolors in 15ml & 5ml tubes which are available at all our supply stores! 

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned artist, our amazing employees are well versed in all the possibilities and techniques available and can assist you every step of the way

collage also carries Daniel Smith Masking Fluid! Masking fluid makes an impervious barrier to protect your watercolor paper and preserve the white areas by blocking watercolor washes from flowing into areas you don’t want leaving crisp, clean edges.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Thank You to the Community of Sellwood for 7 Awesome Years on SE 13th Ave!

A BIG Thank You to the Sellwood community for 7+ years of 
amazing support at our 7907 SE 13th Street location

Quite a story...
As some of you know, in January of 2012, our SE PDX supply store moved from it's original space on SE Woodstock Blvd,  (where it had opened in May 2008) 
into a lovely little space at 7907 SE 13th.  
The above picture is of our counter, just after opening day on SE 13th, in January 2012.

Unfortunately, we were unable to secure a long-term lease at the SE 13th Street space, and we really desired the security of that.  We began looking for a new location for our Sellwood supply store in the summer of 2017.

We found a lovely retail space,in the Sellwood/Moreland neighborhood, on SE Bybee Blvd. This retail storefront (former home of the Adobe Rose) offered us not only a long-term lease at an affordable price, but also more space and some long-coveted STORAGE!  

We began building this space out in September 2017 and the actual 
"move" took place in November of 2017.  
The picture below is of the outside of our Sellwood art + craft supply store now located at 1634 SE Bybee Blvd.

We needed to live out the lease in our SE 13th St space, and so, decided to create a new store in there for the remainder of our lease term.  We decided to called the "new" store, the collage outlet and transferred all of our clearance items from our 3 art + craft supply stores and our collage annex gift shop there.  

We also stocked the space with "special discounts purchases"  we were able to make from our vendors.  We closed the space for about 2 weeks and re-opened it as the "collage outlet" on the day after Thanksgiving, 2017.

The outlet has been an eclectic mix of products, to say the least.  
Our lease on the space was active through March 31st.  Early in March we started our "moving sale" in hopes to "lighten the load" as we prepped to move the store out of the space.

After the moving sale at the outlet, there was not a lot of merchandise left, but we moved the remnants over to live in a little corner space within our "collage annex" gift shop located at 1607 NE ALBERTA ST.

We will continue to move clearance items from our 
3 art + craft supply stores to that "outlet" corner.

The collage annex is open from 12pm-5pm every day and is located at:
We hope you will come by and visit us there!

Thank you to all who have supported us on SE 13th avenue over the last 7 years!
We so appreciate your business and patronage, and are proud to continue to be 
a part of the Sellwood/Moreland community. 
We hope you will continue to visit us at our 1634 SE Bybee location!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Punch Needles - A Fun and Easy New Embroidery Option!

Needle punching is a craft or art technique of looping yarn, floss or ribbon in the format of a pattern through fabric. The looping gives the pattern a rug like appearance. The origins of needle punching are debatable. Some claim it has been in existence since the ancient Egyptians began making needles out of hollow bird bones, others claim needle punching originated from the Old Believers in Russia, while others trace its origins back to Germany or England. Needle punching is used to embroider items, create wall hanging, ornaments, pillows, rugs and other d├ęcor and crafts. 

Supplies you'll need for Needle Punching include fabric, embroidery floss, a punch needle (with threaders), and an embroidery hoop.  All supplies are available at collage.

The punch needle comes with a threader, and the floss goes through both sides of the needle.  Follow the instructions on the package to get it right!

 Punch needling yields beautiful results!  Work in progress by collage's own, @hournoon.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Score 50% during Week 3 of our outlet's MOVING SALE!!!

Week 3 of the collage outlet MOVING SALE Begins
Monday March 18th at 10am

Hustle on down to score some BIG savings!
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Sunday, March 10, 2019

collage outlet MOVING SALE--Week 2--Entire store is NOW 30% off!!!

collage outlet 
Our HUGE MOVING SALE continues...
+++Week 2+++
Monday March 11 thru Sunday March 17 
Hustle on down to our outlet and score an 
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