Monday, April 8, 2019

Primatek: Literally Made From The Ground Up!

We here at collage get an extra jump in our step when SCIENCE AND NATURE meet and deliver AMAZING results, and that is exactly what Daniel Smith, one of our favorite and most trusted paint manufacturers has done!

by Daniel Smith

Did you know that the use of pigments predates recorded history? From prehistoric times to the Renaissance and beyond, artists have relied on pigments mined from the earth. Through the centuries all different cultures in time have found ways to express themselves.

For example, some of indigenous tribes of North America found their materials in riverbeds, crushing & mixing them with animal fats, then infusing their pigments into everyday objects such as parfleche and other rawhide items.

Watercolors literally made from the ground up! 

The PrimaTek line began in 1998 when Daniel Smith decided to find and formulate a brilliant mineral called Lapis Lazuli into artist-quality watercolor paint. Lapis Lazuli is the same gold speckled blue gemstone seen in King Tut’s mask!

Ground Lapis Lazuli
Raw Lapis Lazuli
The response from artists was so great,that soon Daniel Smith hired their own mineralogist to travel the globe in search of other exciting natural pigments.

Finding these minerals involves Indiana Jones-worthy journeys by plane, jeep and even mule to remote locations to identify high-quality veins of ore.The large minerals are then processed into pigment to reveal the colors within. 

These pigments are then blended with the perfect ratio of medium, ground and re-ground to bring out the natural beauty of each color. 

Daniel Smith offers PrimaTek Watercolors in colors such as Bloodstone Genuine, Jadeite Genuine and Sodalite Genuine. Nearly all PrimaTeks have granulating properties which gives those watercolors wonderful texture and depth, which some artists have described as being “magical".

“I have always been fascinated by rocks. In fact, some of my earliest memories are of finding rocks with unique colors and qualities, or of the smooth ones I could paint pictures on. I never dreamed then that I would one day be able to paint with them! From the first brushstroke I knew that PrimaTek paints were going to be an amazing addition to my watercolor palette. Hello rich natural colors, fascinating textures and the delight of the magical combination of water plus pure mineral pigment. My students are thrilled with how simple it can be to create really exciting paintings. Landscapes nearly paint themselves! I’ve found they add an extra dimension to watercolor that captivates both beginners and seasoned artists alike. A painting experience not to be missed!”    
—Artist & Educator, Julie Karlsson

 Who Knew?

DANIEL SMITH PrimaTek Watercolors are made from minerals that produce vibrant, luminous colors, like Amethyst Genuine, Serpentine Genuine and Rhodonite Genuine. Most artists are surprised that “rocks” can become such brilliant colors! While PrimaTeks are gorgeous paints on their own, they mix beautifully with other watercolors as well!

It is because of the care that Daniel Smith takes during every step of the manufacturing process that collage is confident in providing you with these truly professional quality paints with a consistency you’ll rely on tube after tube, year after year!

collage carries an abundant selection of Daniel Smith Watercolors in 15ml & 5ml tubes which are available at all our supply stores! 

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned artist, our amazing employees are well versed in all the possibilities and techniques available and can assist you every step of the way

collage also carries Daniel Smith Masking Fluid! Masking fluid makes an impervious barrier to protect your watercolor paper and preserve the white areas by blocking watercolor washes from flowing into areas you don’t want leaving crisp, clean edges.