Friday, March 24, 2017

New Products Roundup: March Edition!

Spring is here, and we are so excited about new products in the store. We have new fountain pens, journals, washi tape, terrarium supplies (including seasonal chicks), new rubber stamps, paper ephemera and more! See below for all of the goodies.

new journals
Beautiful new journals, with organizing pockets!

Our washi wall has grown into a thing of true rainbow beauty! New tapes include spring pastel colors and patterns.

Speedball products, including fountain pens, a helpful lettering guide, and a calligraphy kit.

Click below for more goodies! All supplies are available at collage.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Product Spotlight: Chameleon Markers

We at collage are always excited about a product with great color, so today we want to highlight a cool new product bursting with color: Chameleon markers. These innovative markers are good for paper crafts, coloring books, manga, fine art and more. These markers are special because they can change tone as you color.

For instance, to create the images above, we used Strathmore Marker Paper, 6x8" pad, and just three Chameleon markers: YG3 (spring meadow), PK4 (peony pink), and BV2 (lavender).

This is a product that is great to use on-the-go: no need to travel around with a clunky bag of markers; with Chameleon markers, one marker will offer a large range of tones.

Maybe you’ve seen these around, and wondered how they work. We’re here to show you! Chameleon markers are available at all 3 collage locations. Read below to learn more about these unique markers.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Product Spotlight: Daniel Smith Watercolors

Spring is one of the best times to break out the watercolors. With colorful flowers budding up from the earth, and the rain starting to subside (hopefully!), it is a great time to pack up your paints, go outside, and do some plein air painting!

One of our favorite brands of watercolors is Daniel Smith Watercolors. These excellent paints are packaged and produced right here in the Pacific Northwest, in Seattle. The company has been around for more than 30 years, and their line boasts more than 240 brilliant colors!

With all of those colors, it can be a little overwhelming. So we are here to break it down for you. 

We have Daniel Smith watercolors available at all 3 collage locations! We also have watercolor paper and brushes to get you all set up.

Daniel Smith Watercolors include three different lines: Extra Fine, PrimaTek, and Luminescent.

The Extra Fine line consists of specially formulated, handmade colors, with excellent lightfastness and bold color.

The PrimaTek line is all about antiquity; it’s about the colors used by old master painters: hues like Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli. These paints consist of precious gemstones and minerals that have been used in paints for hundreds of years.

Gemstones and minerals, and the paints created from them. Image by Maria Coryell-Martin

The Luminescent watercolors include tiny particles of mica, which give the colors a shimmering effect. You can mix these colors with other colors, or use them right from the tube. Here is a collection of Luminescent colors on a sampler card:

As with many high quality paints, their price varies depending on the color (e.g. how rare or expensive the pigment that creates the color is). A little bit goes a long way with these paints, because of how highly pigmented they are.

To learn more about these different lines, head over to the Daniel Smith blog, which has a lot of information to look through, including tutorials, artists features, and contests. We especially liked this article about pigments.

For our project making simple watercolor floral wreaths, we used a combination of Extra Fine watercolors, and Extra Fine Iridescent paints. We also used Shizen rag watercolor paper, Princeton snap brushes, and a porcelain palette. 

These watercolors would also work beautifully on a number of other craft projects, for instance crepe paper flowers, (see previous post)! 

Happy painting this spring!