Thursday, September 24, 2015

Don Colley Demo At Division!

Illustrator Don Colley will be demonstrating how to draw with Faber Castell Pitt Pens at our Division location on Thursday, October 1st from 12-2PM.

Watch Don in action here and come to our Division location to meet him next week! 

Check out more of Don's work below!

See you there!


Product Haul: Glow in the Dark!

Glow in the Dark is fun any time of the year, but especially when Halloween is around the corner!

From Left to Right (roughly):
1) Thread (comes in Green, Pink, Yellow, Off White, & Orange)
2) Paint
3) Duck Tape
4) Ceiling Stars
5) Rocks
6) Journal
7) Sculpey Clay
8) Glitter
9) Silly Putty
10) Twine
11) Embroidery Floss

Use these glow elements to jazz up your costume, make cute creatures, or add mood lighting to your home! 

All of these products are in stock at Division and most are stocked at Sellwood and Alberta. Call before you come to check stock levels!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

DIY Halloween Treat Bags!

Are you having a Halloween Party this year and want to have the coolest treat bags ever? Well you're in luck because we have a DIY just for you!

1) Stencil
2) Stencil Brush
3) Jacquard Textile Paint
4) Tape
5) Muslin Bag
6) Piece of Cardboard that fits in your bag

First, secure your stencil to your bag. This can be done with washi tape or repositionable spray mount if you have a more complicated stencil. Then put a piece of cardboard or thick paper in the bag to avoid the paint getting on the back of your bag.

When stenciling it's important to not have gobs of paint on your brush. After you dip your brush in paint, take off excess by dabbing a piece of paper towel. If you have too much paint on your brush it can seep under the stencil and make your print messy!

With a dabbing motion, start filling in your stencil. Don't sweep the brush from side to side, this can also cause the paint to go where you don't want it to.

After the paint has dried. iron the bag to heat set the paint.

If you love the bags, but aren't feeling crafty we sell them pre-stenciled for $3 each. They are currently stocked at Division and will be in the other stores soon!

See you soon!



Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Alberta Street Side Walk Sale!

The Alberta Street sidewalk sale is coming up soon! It will be happening on Saturday and Sunday September 12 & 13. 

16 merchants will be participating on Alberta including: Darling Distraction, Frock, Green Bean Books, and more! It's the perfect weekend to explore Alberta Street. 

At our Alberta location, we will be offering select merchandise from 25-90% off as well as a BUY One Get One Canvas Sale!

We will be open from 10AM to 6PM.

See you next weekend!


Friday, September 4, 2015

DIY Pixel Heart Cross Stitch

When it comes to Pixel Art, cross stitch is a perfect medium. To make cross stitch pieces it is easiest to use aida fabric. This special fabric is divided into little squares (like graph paper). It lends itself well to the little X stitched used in cross stitch! Read on to find out how to make this sweet heart piece.

 Embroidery Hoop
 Embroidery Floss
 Aida Material
 Pattern (provided below) and Graph Paper
 Felt & Glue (for backing)

1: Draw pattern on graph paper (the second pattern is for that last heart that is only partially filled in!)

2: Take two strands of your black embroidery floss and thread your needle. Use a maximum of 18" of thread to avoid knots. Don't know how to separate your thread? Watch this video.

3: Place the cloth in your embroidery hoop and tighten screw.

4: Start stitching using the knotless loop method.

5: Stitch all the black squares in the pattern using the X stitch (illustrated below, click image for more information)

6: Upon finishing a color or thread, loop your needle through the back of the three previous stitches to secure the end of the thread.

6. Continue stitching the pattern with the remaining colors.

7: When your pattern is finished trim the edges of the aida cloth and tightly glue the edges of the cloth to the hoop. You can use hot glue or wet glue (like Crafter's Pick).

Happy stitching!