Tuesday, May 24, 2011

rogene manas is coming to collage!

Paper Clay & Mixed Media Workshop with Guest Artist Rogene Manas
Part One:  Saturday, June 4th, 10am-2pm
Part Two:  Sunday, June 5th,  1-5pm  
Cost: $140

Have fun in this two-day Workshop with Rogene Manas as she teaches you how she makes her mixed-media masterpieces.  Learn to create paper clay relief on boards while incorporating unique collage, mixed media and painting techniques.  This workshop is ideal for all levels.

Bless the Heart and Soul of Phoebe Snow  

Students will learn new methods of self expression and inventive mixed media techniques.  Using Creative Paper Clay participants will learn how to sculpt relief forms onto boards the first day.  The second day will be devoted to carving and sanding the air-dried pieces, and then finishing them using collage materials and acrylic paint.  The result is  a rich textural wood-carved effect that leaves people wondering how you made it.

Supply list
Each person needs:

  • Acrylic paints-- ivory black, titanium white, a warm red and a cool red, a warm yellow and a cool yellow, and a warm blue and a cool blue. 
  • Paint brushes, one for detail plus at least 2-3 medium-small sizes. One should be cheap to use with glue.
  • A wooden sculpting tool with a pointed end--available at collage
  • Xacto knife (not a box cutter)
  • Pencil, eraser and black stylist marker of some kind
  • Elmer's Glue
  • 2 plastic containers for water and glue/water combo
  • A palette for acrylic paint such as an 8x10 piece of glass, a white plate, a glass plate, or 2-3 white paper plates with plastic coating
  • Rolling pin or something that will work as a roller
  • Tape, masking or whatever
  • 1 8x8 or 8x10 board (at least 1/4" thick)
  • 8 oz Creative Paper Clay® 
  • Small amount of Gesso

Things you can share with others:
--sand paper
--letter stamps, other things to stamp into the clay,
--heat guns or hair dryers to speed drying times
--paper towels

--Carbon paper for transfer
--Tissue paper, variety of colors
--Tissue for sketching designs
--Plastic sheeting for clay work
--The loan of wooden clay tool with a pointed end for those who do not have one (I only have about 10)
--Rubbing alcohol
--Inspirational images

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