collage annex

A little sister to our Alberta St Store and located on the same block at:
1607 NE Alberta St 

The annex is stocked with loads of gifty goodness and even more of the curated collectibles you've come to love and look for at our existing supply stores.

 collage annex hours:
open 10-6 every day!

we invite you to follow our new annex store on Instagram:  @collageannex
scroll down for some pics of the annex's offerings:

A selection of our journals (on the left), and a look at our cats and dogs section of the store.

On the left is our Pacific Northwest themed gifts. On the right is a selection of our glasses and candles.

Our office and organizational section (at left), and prints and fun mugs (at right)
On the left is our celestial and tarot section. On the right is our fantastic woman power section.
Gifts for the men in your life, on the left, and our section of colorful cards, books, and puzzles on the right.