Saturday, July 22, 2017

DIY: Small Macrame Plant Hanger

One of our favorite summer crafts is macramé. Small projects like this macramé plant hanger is a portable and easy craft to do while enjoying the outdoors—sitting in the park or on a porch. It makes a charming, inexpensive, handmade gift. It's a great craft for pre-teens and older!

Click the jump below for more pictures, and for a step by step of this cozy DIY.

All supplies are available at collage!

* 1” brass ring
* 1 roll of Hemp twine
* 1 glass votive holder: approximately 2.5" in diameter
* 2 T-pins
* Scissors
* Ruler
* Wooden beads (optional)

1. Gather supplies. (See above.)
2. Began by cutting two strands of twine, each 70 inches (this should be more than enough’s always better to have more twine rather than less).
3. Thread the two strands through the brass ring, until you reach precisely the halfway point on the strands. You’ll now have four strands, 35 inches long each, hanging from the brass ring.
4. Anchor your ring to a surface, to stabilize it while you're working. You can do this by putting t-pins in the wall, or a piece of foamcore, or sticking them into soft upholstery on a couch.
5. Knot the four hanging strands together with a simple overhand knot, or you can use a gathering knot with 12 inches of extra twine, like we did.
6. Approximately 13 inches down from the brass ring, tie two of the strings together in an overhand knot. Then tie the remaining two strings together in an overhand knot, at the same point.
7. About 2” from this knot, tie two strands together: one strand will come from one of the previous knot collections, one strand from the other knot. Knot the remaining two strands at the same point.
8. Repeat step 7. It will start to look like a net, or X shape.
9. About 1” from the previous knots, collect the four strands together and make an overhand knot. If you’d like, trim the tail. Drop in your votive holder, and enjoy!

You can try this again with different knots (instead of simple overhand knots), like Josephine knots, click here for a video tutorial on those knots, as seen above and below. You can also add wooden beads, like we did (bonus points if you paint them).

Drop an airplant into the glassware or plant a small succulent; make a small terrarium with plant ephemera or make a terrarium with some of the cute minis that collage sells. Or, put a tealight in the hanger to add some ambience to a summer party—you can try an electric tealight, if you're worried about the flame! The possibilities are endless.