Thursday, July 27, 2017

DIY: Printed Summer Napkins

If you’ve ever wondered how to create your own stamp, look no further! In this DIY we are going to make some cute napkins for your home and summer garden party. These are easy to make once you get the hang of it, and addictive too. Stampcarving is very satisfying!

Click below to see the steps and more pictures of the finished product!

All supplies are available at collage.

* Sublime Stitching Handkerchief (comes in packs of 4)
* Speedball Speedy-carve linoleum block, 3x4”
* Speedball Linoleum handle, with the No. 1 small V cutter
* Yellow Owl Workshop All-purpose Ink pad, in your color choice
* Scrap paper
* Pencil


1. Gather supplies (see above). Wash and iron your handkerchiefs first; this will ensure better results!
2. Draw or copy a design and transfer it to your block. We did this by creating our design in pencil, then flipping the design over, and rubbing the back of the design with pencil to transfer the graphite drawing. (You can also try using carbon transfer paper, although sometimes lino blocks are coated and don't take the transfer paper well.)
3. Carve your stamp.
Remember to carve away from yourself, and to keep your second hand in an area away from the direction in which your carving, in case the carving tool slips.
4. Test print your stamp on scrap paper and adjust the design and carving as needed.
5. Print your stamp onto the handkerchief. Choose a hard, even surface to print on. Be sure to get your stamp pad completely covered in ink by pressing firmly and moving it around the stamp pad. When printing, press firmly on all areas of the stamp to get a good impression; you can use your palm to get more pressure.
6. Repeat until you are happy with the look.
7. Once you are done printing, turn the napkin over, and run an iron over it for a couple minutes to heat set the ink. You can also put it through the dryer to heat set it.
8. Try different ink colors and stamps.
9. Enjoy your new napkins!

For the strawberries, we carved one stamp, then cut the leaf area away from the strawberry with an X-acto to create two separate stamps that fit together perfectly. 
Some helpful hints:
* People often ask what’s the difference between the cream-colored Speedball Speedy-Cut lino block and the pink-colored Speedball Speedy-Carve lino block:
The cream Speedy-cut block is better for simple shapes; it is a softer rubber, it is easier to carve, and will crumble a little as you carve it and stamp it. It’s a good choice for kids.
For a more intricate and durable stamp, use the pink Speedy-carve block. It is a little harder to carve, but still soft, and detail work will hold up better.

* You can try using other fabric stamp pads, such as Versacraft. Before picking a stamp pad, check the label to make sure that it is ok to use with fabric (some inks will wash out).

* When heat setting, be sure to use a dry iron. Wait at least 24 hours before washing napkins.

* If you are printing on colored napkins with a colored ink pad, know that the ink might print a different color, as the color of the fabric will affect the color that the ink appears.

* To wash your stamps, simply use mild soap and water, and scrub gently.

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