Sunday, July 28, 2013

New Products We Love

Along with all the chalkboard love we've been dishing out, we'll forever be in love with anything glow-in-the-dark! Paint, clay, glitter and even embroidery floss!

Because everyone needs bacon included in their sticker collection.

More and more and MORE washi tape!

Post-it notes that look like woodgrain and 100% recycled paper.

We've added a bunch of new charms to our jewelry table including stars, moons, cats and lockets.

We're really excited about these new acrylic markers from Montana! All surface, waterbased in the most lovely opaque colors. These will soon be at our Sellwood store as well.

Most products listed are currently only available at our Alberta Street store, however we can easily transfer items between stores if need be! Give us a call (503) 249-2190, or stop by.