Friday, January 25, 2019

DIY: fun and funky classroom Valentines ideas as low as 25 cents each!

Valentine's Day is only a few weeks away, and it can be intimidating to provide an entire classroom's worth of Valentines on a budget.  Here are some super easy Valentines that are fun and inexpensive!  Click on the jump below to learn about fun and inexpensive Valentine projects!  

All supplies available at collage.

Use trading cards, washi tape, stickers, and colorful envelopes to make fun and affordable Valentines!

Pack of 50 trading cards: $1.75
Roll of washi tape: $5
Stickers: $2/sheet
Pack of 24 envelopes: $5
Total cost for 24 valentines: $13.75 (less than 60 cents each!)

These heart boxes are adorable, and easy to decorate with stickers and washi tape, and fill with whatever your heart desires!
Pack of 6 heart boxes: $4.50
Washi tape: $5 
Pack of stickers: $2
Total cost for 24 valentines: $25 (less than $1.05 each!)

Our pre-printed sheets of Valentines are SUPER CUTE and ready to go!  Cut them apart and seal with some washi tape for a super inexpensive option!

Sheet of 16 valentines: $1.25 each
Washi tape: $5
Total cost for 32 valentines: $7.50 (less than 25 cents each!)

Use doilies, trading cards, glue dots, and stickers to create adorable fancy-looking Valentines!  Simply fold the doilies around the trading cards and adhere with glue dots.

Pack of 50 doilies: $4
Pack of 300 glue dots: $5.50
Pack of 50 trading cards: $1.75
Sheet of stickers: $2
Total cost for 50 valentines: $13.25 (less than 27 cents each!)