Friday, January 11, 2019

DIY - Felt Plush Sparkling Yeti

There's a magical creature that roams the forest on Mt. Hood.  This creature is very shy, likes naps and ice cream, and is ready to be your new best friend!  If you missed us last month for our free craft at our FAVORITE holiday craft event, Crafty Wonderland, read on to learn how you can make an adorable plush felt yeti!

Here's what you'll need (all supplies available at collage)

Poly-fil stuffing
Embroidery floss (we used blue, white, and black)
Embroidery Needles
OPTIONAL Pincushion
Mark B Gone Fabric Pen
One sheet white felt (you can get two yetis out of this - we used recycled acrylic felt)
One sheet blue felt (for the yeti face - we used recycled acrylic felt)
One sheet cardstock for making templates

Draw out on the cardstock, using the sharpie, a yeti body shape, beard shape, and face shape.  Cut these out using scissors.

Use the template to trace your shapes onto the felt and cut them out.  For one yeti, you'll want two yeti bodies, one yeti beard, and one yeti face.

Begin by embroidering the yeti face.  PRO TIP: we split the embroidery floss in half to make finer lines, and to make threading the needle easier.  We used the backstitch.

Attach the face to the beard (we used the running stitch).

Embellish your yeti beard with SPARKLES using the backstitch.

Attach the yeti face to the body using the running stitch.

Sew your two yeti bodies together using the blanket stitch.  Leave 1" open for stuffing!

Sew up the rest of your yeti!  Feel free to snazz and jazz your yeti to make it perfect for you.  Make one, two, or a whole family!