Tuesday, September 18, 2018

DIY - Felt Avocados

These felt avocados are so easy to make and can be stuffed to make into a plushie.

Click on the jump below to learn how to make these sweet avocados.  
All supplies available at collage.

Supplies needed: 

Poly fil (for stuffing)
Felt in dark green, light green, and white or brown
4 feet embroidery floss
Pencil for drawing out shapes on felt

Step 1.  Cut out your shapes.  We started by drawing out an avocado teardrop shape on the dark green, then cutting it out.  Using the first one as a template, trace it on to the lighter green, and then cut that one out a little smaller than the lines.  You can adjust it when you layer it on top of the dark green.  Finally, cut a circle out of the white or brown felt.

Step 2. Use a tiny bit of poly fil in between the circle and the light green shape.  Pin the circle over the poly fil onto the light green avocado to keep it in place.  Stitch on the circle to the light green, using the running stitch.  Remove the pins when done stitching.

Step 3.  Use more poly fil to stuff the avocado.  Layer the light green on top of the dark green with the poly fil in the middle, and use the pins to secure it.  Sew the light green onto the dark green, using the running stitch.  Enjoy your sweet avocado plushie!

You can also skip the poly fil to make a flat patch that can be sewn onto clothing and bags!  Have fun!