Friday, June 29, 2018

Product Feature: Cosmo Cricket Resist Pens

DIY: Cosmo Cricket Resist Pens

Did you know that July is World Watercolor Month?  Watercolor resist is something easy to do that makes you feel like you're performing magic!  Many of the old fashioned paint-on watercolor resists can be intimidating, and hard to clean out of your brushes.  This is why we love that Cosmo Cricket has a resist in pen form!  Keep reading for simple instructions on how to create a masterpiece.  

All supplies are available at collage.

Supplies needed:
Watercolor paper (we used 140lb hot press, because of the smooth texture)
Cosmo Cricket Resist Pen
Watercolor Paints (we used a staff favorite, Daniel Smith)
Brush for watercolors
Water in a large cup
Blue Painter's Tape
Paper towels
Optional: Q-tips

Step 1:  Put down the painter's tape to create a frame for your painting.  Draw out an image in pencil.  After the pencil is finished, use the Cosmo Cricket Resist pen to color in where you want the paper to stay white and not be stained by the watercolor.  Remember that it will be clear when it dries, but it will stay shiny so that you know it's there.  

 Step 2 - Brush your watercolor wherever you want!  Even though it'll rest on top of the resist, it will come off later, so don't fret.

Step 3 - Use a damp paper towel (or a damp q-tip) to wipe away the watercolor on top of the resist.  The Cosmo Cricket pen is special because this kind of resist does not need to be peeled away, it stays on the paper!

Step 4 - Peel away the painter's tape to reveal a crisp edge.

Make sure to check out the awesome selection of watercolor books that we have in stock as well!  Happy painting!