Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Join Us for Our Upcoming Pentel Pop Pens demos: RAFFLE prizes included!

We are excited to announce a special demo during the month of May! Local illustrator Jenna Lechner will be joining us to showcase a new series of gel pens, called the Pop Pens Series, released by Pentel. These impressive pens include a series of 3 new pens: Sparkle Pop Pens, Milky Pop Pens, and Solar Pop pens. 

These pens have some really unique qualities, including iridescent glitter, opaque pastel color, and fluorescent color.

A sampling of drawings created with Pentel's new pop pens. All images courtesy of Jenna Lechner.

For this demo, we will be doing a very special raffle! We will be raffling off a backpack full of Pentel Arts supplies, which is loaded with over $300 worth of merchandise! Inside of the Pentel backpack is: a set of 12 color pencils and 12 watercolor pencils, a set of 12 sign pens, a set of 18 color pens, a set of 8 solar pop pens, Pentel's new Tradio calligraphy pen, 15 sign pen brush markers, a pocket brush pen, a color brush pen, a set of 4 aquash water brushes, a Graphgear 1000 mechanical pencil (.5 mm), a set of 5 Hybrid Technica pens, a stylo pen, a set of 8 wet erase chalk markers, 2 white milky pop pens, a super XL eraser, a pigment ink aquash brush, a set of white milky pop pens, a set of 6 Sparkle Pop Pens, and more!

We will also be giving out loads of FREE Pentel samples during this demo, while supplies last! You won't want to miss this one.

Time and Locations:
Sunday, May 13th. collage on Alberta. 1639 NE Alberta St, Portland. Free. Drop in any time between 12-2pm.
Sunday, May 20th. collage in Sellwood. 1634 SE Bybee Blvd, Portland. Free. Drop in any time between 12-2pm.
Sunday, May 27th. collage on Division. 3701 SE Division St, Portland. Free. Drop in any time between 12-2pm.

Click the jump to learn more about each of these 3 amazing new gel pens, and to see more sample photos.

The Milky Pop Pens have been reintroduced by Pentel, after a 20+ year hiatus! Some people may remember these pens from the '90s, when they debuted to much acclaim. They were the first pastel gel pen on the market, and now they are back. All 7 of these pen colors work excellent on both black and white paper; the white pen especially pops great on black paper!
Milky Pop Pens drawn on black paper.

Milky Pop Pens on white paper: chalky, bright pastel color.
Milky Pop Pens work excellent on black paper.

The new Sparkle Pop Pens come in 8 different colors. The large nib size allows for great flow on these pens; the pens don't skip while writing, and they have an iridescent glittery metallic quality that is truly impressive! The pens shift color on black and white paper – for reference, see the example photo below.

Sparkle Pop Pens drawn on white and black paper, the pens change color on different colored paper!

Solar Pop Pens have an incredible fluorescent color!

Solar Pop Pens are an incredible neon pen, which come in 6 different colors. These pens glow under black light! They work best on white paper, and are great for an added pizzazz to a colorful drawing. With a smaller nib size, they also work great in coloring books.