Tuesday, May 22, 2018

New Craft Night at Nectar! Debuting Tuesday, June 5!

We love to collaborate with our business neighbors.  Did you know we are now hosting a brand new  craft night each month at Nectar Froyo, across from our Bybee Blvd supply store in Sellwood!  We will be hosting this the first Tuesday of each month.  Our first one will happen on Tuesday, June 5, from 5pm - 6:30pm.
Here's the project we will be making at our debut craft night: these cute felt Oregon shapes, which can be turned into a brooch, or made into a patch, or used as a pincushion!

Can't make it to this craft night?  Don't fret, we've included the how-to instructions for you below.

Want more info on our upcoming craft nights and other community events we are participating in?  Check our "Upcoming Events" page HERE for all the details!

Click the jump below to see our how-to on these cute felt Oregons; all supplies available at collage!

* Embroidery floss: 3 ft of green, 2 ft of red or pink.
* Pencil for tracing pattern
* Pattern (Oregon shape and heart shape, below)
* Embroidery needle
* Scissors
* Acrylic felt: 1 sheet of green and a 1 sheet (or scrap of felt) of either red or pink for the heart.

Click HERE to get the template for the Oregon felt sheet, which you can then print out.

1. Cut out two Oregon shapes from your green color (for the front and back). Then cut out one heart shape from a color of your choosing.
2. Make a knot 3 times at the end of your embroidery floss, to anchor the string; thread your needle, and sew your heart onto the Oregon shape (make sure you stitch the heart to the correct side, so that your Oregon shape won’t appear backwards). Use the basic running stitch (see below) to do this.

3. Sew your two Oregon shapes together, using either the blanket stitch (see below) or the running stitch again. Be sure to LEAVE A GAP (about 1 inch), so you can stuff your shape with polyfill fluff. 

4. Stuff your Oregon shape; use the back end of a pencil to get the fluff into all of the corners.
5. Continue stitching until you reach the end/beginning of your stitches. Tie a double knot as close to the inside of your last stitch as possible, then pull the thread inside your stitched shape, through to the other side, and cut the extra string that’s hanging out. You’re all finished!
6. You can now sew a pin on the back to make a brooch if desired.