Thursday, April 12, 2018

New Product Feature: VersaFine Clair Stamp Pads

We are so excited about VersaFine's new line of stamp pads! They are called VersaFine Clair, and they are truly impressive. They are great at capturing fine detail, while still offering really solid coverage: check out how rich the blacks look in the stamped image below!

Image courtesy of Imagine Crafts blog

VersaFine Clair stamp pads come in a variety of bright colors, as well as some more vintage-looking colors, with a total of 24 rich colors to choose from.

As a quick-drying pigment ink, once the ink is dry, it's waterproof and won't smear, so you are free to use watercolors or water-based markers with your stamping to do some beautiful mixed media work. We stamped the inks on some drawing paper, and within a couple minutes, the ink was dry and ready for watercolor. The ink is also lightfast and fade resistant. Versafine has also come out with a new lid for these stamp pads, which is firm and air-tight, so you don't have to worry about your inks drying out.

Image courtesy of @szczepanskaewa_

VersaFine Clair stamp pads are now available at all 3 of our collage supply store locations!  To see more photos of these stamp pads in action, and to learn more about the world of stamp pads, click the jump below!

Available colors in VersaFine's Clair stamp pads. Image courtesy of Imagine Crafts blog. 

Keep scrolling to see some sample images from Instagram of VersaFine Clair stamp pads being used with great effects. Because the inks are so juicy and provide great coverage–while still maintaining detail–they're sure to become a stampers' new favorite stamp pad.

Image courtesy of @hoffeeandanuffin
Image courtesy of @ring35
Image courtesy of @esthermolinart

To round out this blog post, we thought we'd devote some time to a very common question we get at collage: what is the difference between all of the different stamp pads out on the market? People often ask what kind of stamp pad to get for their specific project, so we thought we'd do a quick breakdown of the basic stamp pad categories.

The ink in most stamp pads will fall into one of these 3 categories, and should be labeled with one of these designations:
1. Pigment-based ink
2. Dye-based ink 
3. Solvent-based ink

1. Pigment-based: This is a waterproof ink, and is often slower-drying. The ink sits on the surface, rather than sinking into the paper. The ink is thicker and richer – juicier than a dye-based ink. Pigment-based inks are also brighter and vibrant than dye-based. Pigment-based inks also work well for  embossing. Won't dry very well on glossy paper–you will most likely need to heatset them to get them to dry on glossy paper. Examples: VersaFine Clair Stamp Pads. VersaCraft

2. Dye-based: For a fast-drying ink, pick a dye-based ink. Dye-based inks sink into the surface of the paper. Most are not waterproof, and they will bleed and feather out on absorbent or porous paper. Dye-based inks will fade over time, especially with sun exposure, and they are often acid-free. The ink will wash off of your skin (and your kids' skin) easily. The ink will usually appear transluscent, and less opaque and vibrant than a pigment-based ink. Example: Ranger Dye Ink Pad. Most childrens' stamp pads.

3. Solvent-based: Good for paper and non-porous surfaces, like metal, leather, etc. Although they do have a scent. Example: Staz-on stamp pads.

For some more basic tips on stamping and stamp pads, check out this great blog post.