Wednesday, February 7, 2018

DIY Roundup: Valentines for the Classroom

Valentine's Day is right around the corner (Wednesday the 14th)! Whether you need to make valentines for an entire school class, or just for your favorite person, collage has so many goodies for you to make that special gift.

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We've rounded up some easy valentine DIYs from around the web this week, click the jump below to learn more!

All supplies are available at collage!

1. Friendship Bracelet Valentines. Originally by Dandee Designs, link here. For quick friendship bracelets, simply braid three strands of embroidery floss; collage carries a great assortment of colors to choose from! Did you catch collage's free Atlas Pizza craft night last month, where we made friendship bracelets? (This month we are decorating mugs! Check our "upcoming events" tab HERE for more info.) If not, you can find instructions for the more complicated patterns for friendship bracelets by following the link above.

2. Stamped Muslin Goodie Bag. By Not So Idle Hands, link here. We'd recommend using multi-purpose Yellow Owl Workshop stamp pads for this project. You could also draw on the bags using fabric markers! collage carries a huge variety of miniatures that you could fill these bags with, including things like temporary tattoos, mini figurines, Japanese erasers, and more!

3. Pencil Valentine. By Muffin Grayson, link here. Link includes a free download. All you have to do is print out the Valentines, cut them out, and insert the pencil! collage has SO many unique and awesome pencils that you could use for these sweet valentines.

4. Critter Valentines. by Sweet C's Designs, link here. Includes a free printable. collage has a ton of cute miniature animals to make these unique Valentines.

5. Origami Unicorn or Heart Bookmark. For the simpler heart bookmark design, click here. If you have a little more time and ambition, try the adorable unicorn bookmark, by Willowday, link here. collage carries a lot of colorful origami paper, as well as fun gelly rolls and other pens that you could use to customize these bookmarks!

For more ideas on classroom Valentines, see our list of last year's picks by clicking here! You might also want to check out last week's post about some cute new Valentine products.