Saturday, May 27, 2017

New Products: Washi Tape Edition

It’s always exciting when we get in new styles of washi tape. In the last few days we have received a lot of new styles, see below!

Thin pastel washi tape on the left. A collection of chairs, tables, animals, and Studio Ghibli on the right (check out the tiny Miyazaki)!
We love rainbow washi tape. We also have some new cat and dog themed tape!
However, even though we are enamored with washi tape, customers often ask, “What is washi tape?” or, “What do I do with washi tape”? So, we thought we would dedicate a blog post to answer those very questions!

Washi tape is a high-quality masking tape made from natural fibers like bamboo, mulberry, or hemp (the word “washi” means “Japanese paper”). You can conveniently tear it with your hand, and it’s usually translucent. You can use it to wrap gifts, to seal envelopes, or to decorate and organize a planner or calendar. You can also write on top of washi tape, so it can be used for labeling too.

All of the collage stores have LARGE selections of washi tape; the most diverse and abundant collection of styles is at our Alberta St Store, where we have nicknamed it the #greatwallofwashi.

A section of our massive #greatwallofwashi at our Alberta St location!

Click below to learn more about the history of washi tape, and to see some washi tape DIYs!

The washi tape craze began in Japan, in 2006, when a group of artists contacted a Japanese tape manufacturer and asked them to make more colorful and decorative tapes, showing the manufacturer a zine that they had decorated and collaged with the company’s current tapes. The company obliged them and created the new company “mt.”

In the last 5 years or so, the craze has blown up. In Japan, washi tape is just called “masking tape,” and the most well-known brand is the original brand, “mt,” which stands for “masking tape”. Now there are a lot of companies making washi tape, including Tim Holz, Scotch, Freckled Fawn, and many more. You even see washi tape references in pop culture: on Adventure Time, the Ice King has his own custom washi tape, and at one point on the show Broad City Abbi whips out her washi collection on the subway.

Most washi tape is repositionable, but it is also sticky enough to adhere to surfaces other than paper, like glass, wood, and walls. This lends itself to a whole host of DIYs. We’ve assembled a few of our favorite DIYs below! (Note: we may not have all of the exact washi tape patterns and styles featured below!)
1. Colorful dot notebook, by Moments to Live For
2. Washi tape tea lights, by Lebenslusttiger
3. Washi tape dining chairs, from Lonny
4. Cake topper bunting, by Sugar and Cloth
5. Paper clip flags, by Paper & Pin
6. Washi tape wrapping paper, by Poppytalk

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