Thursday, April 6, 2017

DIY: Alternative Easter Eggs

Easter is right around the corner, and we have a few creative alternatives to your standard egg decorating! In this blog post, we have three different DIYs to try: gilded craft eggs, marbled wooden eggs, and woodburned eggs. They are great projects for adults who are looking to decorate for Easter, but older kids could try these crafts with adult supervision too.

All supplies are available at collage!

To see step-by-step instructions for these 3 DIYs, read below!

Gilded Craft Eggs

These eggs are fun and colorful, and the metallic pop makes them a little more eyecatching than your standard Easter egg.


* craft paper mache eggs, sold individually or in packs of 6
* Martha Stewart Craft Paint
* 1 package of Speedball Metal leaf
* 1 jar of Speedball Metal Leaf Adhesive Size
* paint brushes 


1. Begin by painting your egg. We chose pastel colors. Wait for your egg to dry.

2. Once your paint is dry to the touch, apply the adhesive size. With some of our eggs, we applied the adhesive at random, to give the eggs a mottled look. With other eggs we used artists tape to block off areas, and apply the adhesive to specific areas.

3. Wait for the adhesive to become tacky, between 15-60 minutes. This may be counterintuitive, but you need to wait before you can apply the gold leaf to the adhesive. Once the adhesive is ready, it will no longer appear white. Instead you’ll just see a transparent gloss where the adhesive is. Once the adhesive is ready, gently apply the leafing to the object. Be sure to wash your hands before this step, and handle the leafing as little as possible (it will want to stick to your hands). 

4. Enjoy your adorable eggs!

Marbled Wooden Eggs

We love playing with marbling effects, and we were excited to realize that our Jacquard marbling kit works with the wooden eggs that we have in the store. There’s an infinite amount of experimentation you could do with this. We recommend marbling with high contrast colors, like black and white, or primary colors, in order to achieve the most distinct, brightest look.


* Jacquard marbling kit
* wooden eggs, sold in sets of 6 or individually (we found that the wooden eggs without a flat base worked better than the eggs with the flat standing base)
* a couple household items, such as: a shallow plastic tub, a measuring cup, a tablespoon, and water


1. Following the instructions in the Jacquard marbling kit, mix your water and carrageenan together. We created about ¼ gallon of solution.

2. Create your design in the solution you've mixed, by using the colors that come in the kit. To watch the process in action, check out this cool video by Jacquard, here.

3. Dip your egg. You have to dip one side at a time. Dip the egg, and quickly turn over the egg, and dip it again. Keep in mind that the egg will not take the marbling if it is already wet in an area, so avoid dripping any of the solution on the egg, and keep in mind where you place your fingers when you are dipping the egg.

4. Enjoy your lovely egg! We think these would make great ornaments. A screw eye and ribbon would jazz them up perfectly.

Woodburned Eggs

We love this project because it is so simple, but it could easily be made fancy, adding paint to create accent areas, etc.


* Woodburner tool by Walnut Hollow, includes different tips
* wooden eggs
* pencil (for sketching your design)


1. Decide on a design (nature-inspired designs look great here), and sketch it onto the egg. If you happen to have any embroidery patterns, like Sublime Stitching patterns for instance, they would translate well to a woodburning.

2. Begin woodburning. It may take a little while to get used to this tool: timing is everything. Notice how quickly and how slowly the wood will burn, and experiment with trying to make a line with even thickness.

3. And that’s all it takes! These eggs would also be great to turn into an ornament, using a screw eye and threading it with ribbon! You could also think about using Martha Stewart craft paint to add color accents to different areas of the egg.