Thursday, February 9, 2017

DIY: Valentines, Grown-Ups Edition

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and collage has tons of things to show your loved ones you care! Recently, we did a post on DIY Valentines for kids, and now we have you covered with a couple of ideas for more advanced, grown-up Valentines. Here are our projects:

*Doily Heart Pocket*
*Decorated Heart Box*

All supplies are available at collage!! Click below to see the step-by-step for these fun valentines.

Doily Heart Pocket

This is a project using classic paper doily hearts. It’s like a mystery treat bag for a special Valentine! It makes a great Valentine to give to either a kid OR adult. 

* 1 -package of 4" paper doily hearts
* Ribbon, approximately 24"-30" per Valentine. Baker’s twine will also work!
* Miniatures of your choosing 
* White gel pen (the white Sakura Gelly Roll and white Uniball Signo Gel Pen work excellent)

1) Begin with two doilies, match them up.
2) Address the doily with pen. You can also do this at the end, although it’s easier to do before the valentine is stuffed. White pens like Sakura Gelly Rolls and Uniball Signo Gel Pens look great on the red doilies.
3) Begin at the top of the heart, leave about 6" of ribbon sticking out of the doily, and begin weaving the ribbon in between the spaces of the doily. Weave over and under. See photo:

4) Once you've woven near the top of the doily, about 2 inches from where you began, stuff the pocket with your miniatures. We used cute Sailor Moon stickers, temporary tattoos, and resin miniatures.

5) Finish weaving the ribbon until you reach your starting point. Tie a bow with the beginning and ending piece of the ribbon, and you’re done!! You’ve created a mystery valentine package, which your loved one can either tear through, or untie to reveal the sweet treasures inside!


Decorated Heart Box

This cute box, inspired by piñatas and conversation hearts, can be used all year round as a catch-all container, but we especially love it as a Valentine container for sweet miniature surprises.

* 1 sheet of red acrylic felt
* Scissors
* Crepe paper 
* Glue: Crafter’s pick or a hot glue gun will work
* Martha Stewart’s acrylic craft paint
* Acrylic paint brush (or sponge brush)
* Sharpie (optional)
* Cute miniatures

1) Paint your heart box. Paint both the lid and the container.

2) Allow 5-10 minutes to dry.

3) Cut crepe paper into a strip that is 1.5” tall, and about 18” long. Fringe the crepe paper, making vertical cuts that are about 1" long.

4) Begin layering the crepe paper on the lid, starting from the bottom of the heart shape. Use Crafter's Pick glue to adhere the crepe paper to the lid. Cut extra crepe paper to the correct width of the box when you do each layer. Leave a little bit of fringe exposed below each layer (see photo). Continue layering the crepe paper until you reach the top of the heart.

6) Turn the lid upside down, and trim any excess fringe on the edges of the box.

7) Write your message on your felt using a sharpie, and cut out your letters. (You can also opt to use letter stickers, which collage carries a wide variety of.)

8) Glue your felt letters to your lid using Crafter’s Pick.

9) Stuff the heart with cute miniatures, or whatever your heart desires, and you’re done!!!