Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Product Haul: Book Game Strong

Spring is a perfect time to explore new subjects and get inspired. We just got loads of books in to get you started! Here are some of our favorites (listed from left to right, up to down)

1 Hello Nature Nina Chakrabarti
2 The Tattoo Coloring Book Johnny Mcculloch
3 The Art of Urban Sketching Gabriel Campanario
4 Hand Job: The Catalog of Type Michael Perry
5 The Hand Lettering Ledger Mary Kate McDevitt 
6 Sketching Type Lee Suttey
7 Free Hand Helen Birch

1 Collage Danielle Krysa
2 Fortune-Telling Book of Colors K.C. Jones
3 Art Ink Lisa Congdon
4 Sticker Bomb 2
5 Sticker Bomb XL