Friday, March 4, 2016

DIY Round Up: Creature Comforts

 This week we are all about crafting for the home! Display your drawings on a wood cut, try a new watercolor technique, bring the outside in with botanical coasters, and make a book mark for your favorite spring read. 
1. 3 Ways to Decorate Wooden Slices Materials: wooden slice, mod podge, painting/magazine clipping/print out, saw tooth hanger
2. Watercolor Roses Materials: watercolor pad, watercolors, palette, #12 round brush, glass of water, paper towel, tissue
3. Botanical Resin Coaster Materials: pressed leaves, polymer clay, clear resin, rolling pin, grease proof paper, X-acto knife, baking tray
4. Washi Tape Book Marks Materials: washi tape, ribbon, cardstock, scissors, ruler, hole punch, pencil