Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Spring Clean: DIY Round Up

February always gets us in the mood for home improvement and spring cleaning! Here are some DIY's to use around your home this week.

1. Cupcake Cord Organizer Suggested Materials: Perler Beads, Wax Paper, Iron, Crafter's Pick or E6000 Glue, Pegboard. Note: Instead of UV Spray we suggest Triple Thick Glaze 
or nothing at all!
2. Pallet Coaster Suggested Materials: wood glue, popsicle sticks, acrylic paint (water it down 
if you want to preserve look of wood grain), scissors, brush.
3. Pennant Flag Suggested Materials: wool felt, Crafter's Workshop Glue, Scissors. 
Note: Instead of iron on letters we suggest using Letter Stickers or cutting your owl out of felt!
4. Washi Dispenser Suggested Materials: empty aluminum foil box, acrylic paint, brushes, washi, scissors, Mod Podge, adhesive Velcro dots.