Thursday, February 4, 2016

DIY Stenciled Bag

Need an easy Valentine craft? Stenciled goodie bags are just the right combination of handmade and quick!

Tumble Dye, Glue Dots, Acetate sheet, heart punch, chip board, and muslin bag

First, make your stencil! All you need to do is punch a heart out of the acetate.
Keep the heart that was punched out to use later.

Be sure to put a piece of chipboard in the bag before you spray. If you skip this step, the dye will bleed through the bag. Affix the stencil to the bag using glue dots. We used five around the heart. You can stamp at least ten bags with the same glue dots!

One your stencil is secure, spray the dye!

Wait thirty seconds and remove the stencil. Admire your work!

You can use the heart you punched out of the acetate as a resist. Affix it to the bag with glue dots.


Wait thirty seconds and peel off the heart. 

Tumble Dye comes in tons of colors (we used hot pink). You can buy individual colors or sets.