Saturday, November 28, 2015

Homemade Holidays: Painting Fabric

The holiday season is our favorite! There are always so many reasons to make for friends & family, but during this time of year we are extra motivated to show the love through making! It's also a great time of year to try new crafts you've been wondering about. Gift making is a perfect excuse for experimenting. Here are some of our favorite hand painted & printed gift ideas:

This beautifully complicated pattern is deceptively easy to make! 
Supplies: Cotton Scarf & Tumble Dye

Sneaker Painting
Did you know Jacquard textile paints work on leather and canvas? Take a boring canvas shoe and turn it into  a statement piece. This is also a great gift for yourself: who doesn't need some revitalized sneakers?

Blockwallah Stamped Handkerchief 

Blockwallah stamps work so well on fabric. Using Jacquard Textile Paint, these hand made stamps make beautiful prints that will last through washing. Jacquard Paint hardly effects the hand of the fabric, so your printed items stay super soft. 

Forever Inspired: Stamp, Stencil, Paint

Need more project ideas for painting fabric and more? Stamp, Stencil, Paint by local designer Anna Joyce is an endless source of ideas and inspiration. She includes 23 projects with refreshingly clear instruction and beautifully composed step by step photos. Projects include: Crosshatch Zipper Pouch, Handmade Wrapping Paper (pictured above), Brushstroke Kitchen Linens, and more. 

See you soon.

xoxo collage