Friday, October 9, 2015

Pumpkin Decorating

Carving pumpkins is definitely fun, but very messy! Painting is just as fun, but there is no pumpkin goo to deal with.

We had to get in on the Donald Trumpkin trend, so our first pumpkin is in the likeness of Trump himself.
Supplies: Pencil, Acrylic Paint, Thin Round Brush, Raffia, Hot Glue

With a pencil, lightly sketch out a face. 

Start adding paint over your sketch lines. We just used black, but you could definitely add more color!

Gather your rafia and hot glue it to the top of the pumpkin, in comb over Trump style.

Enjoy your very own Trumpkin!

If free handing isn't your thing, stenciling pumpkins (or squash!) is also an option. You may remember we posted a DIY stencil treat bag a couple weeks back. Well here's another chance to use that Halloween stencil!

Supplies: tape, stencil, stencil brush and acrylic paint

Secure the stencil with tape. If you stencil is very detailed you may want to use repositionable spray mount for a more stable bond. 

Using a dabbing motion, apply the paint.

When you're finished painting, immediately remove the stencil (and wash it!). 

If you want to a more graphic option, you can use Permapaque Pens to outline your stencil.

If you want to decorate a pumpkin, but don't feel like carving or painting we have stick on rhinestones available!

Have fun decorating!

xoxo collage