Sunday, August 23, 2015

Product Haul

Here are some of our favorite products this week!

J. Herbin Refillable Pens: This pen comes in ball point or fountain style. They are refillable and you get to choose the ink color!

Magical Powdered Pigments: (from Lindy's Stamp Gang) These powdered dye based pigments "stain" rather than float within mediums. These powders are incredibly potent, so it just takes a tiny amount to colorize any number of things.
How to use them: Wet a paintbrush with water or alcohol or Add a bit of the pigment to your favorite medium: acrylic glaze, clear gesso, modeling paste, gel, and fluid mediums, to colorize that medium.

Oil Paint Box: House your current favorite oil hues in this wood box! It's a great way to bring your paint with you without staining your bag.

Some other favorites: ceramic palettes, cat manikin, and Simply Simmons brushes (brushes only stocked at Division)

See you soon!