Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jewelry Basics

Jewelry making involves lots of little pieces that can be confusing. Here is a break down of the most basic parts:
Pieces from left to right:
1) End Crimp
2) Cord End
3) Split Ring
4) Jump Ring

All of these pieces work together to attach a clasp to a piece of raw chain or cord!

We have several clasp options including magnetic, lobster, and hook & eye.

Jump and split rings are very important when it comes to attaching charms. Without a jump ring, most charms will lay on their side.

With a jump ring the charm naturally lays flat!

Jump rings and split rings have the same function, but are put on differently.

How to open a split ring:

Split rings are like miniature key rings. They are very strong, but they are fussier to use than a jump ring. Using a tool called a ring splitter, open the split ring. If you try to open the split ring with your hands you can easily bend it out of shape.

Once the ring is open, slip in your charm or clasp!

How to open a jump ring:

To properly open a jump ring, move the two sides away from each other vertically with a jewelry pliers.

If you open the jump ring horizontally, it will bend out of shape. It isn't impossible to make it a perfect circle again, but it is difficult!

As always if you have any questions about jewelry making stop in or call! We love to help you make!

See you soon.