Thursday, March 26, 2015

Our Love Affair with Watercolor

By now, you might've noticed how we've been shouting from the rooftops about our new Watercolor Markers and how much we love them. Truth is, we're all pretty smitten with anything and everything to do with watercolor!

 This weekend we're hosting a watercolor demo at both of our locations: Saturday 3/28, 12-2 pm at Alberta and Sunday 3/29, 12-2pm at Sellwood. We'll be playing around with a new line of embossed watercolor papers. Images are already embedded and imprinted, and once you swipe a bright, brushful of watercolor across it, what lies hidden is revealed! Its a really great technique called resist and we're excited to share with you how to make the most of it.

One of our favorite sets, these Angora pan watercolors have the BEST range of pre-mixed colors.  Colors are super versatile, bright and sets come in 24 or 36 colors.

Along with the materials you need to get going, we also have some pretty great inspirational materials. Books, stationery, even paper and washi tape splashed with watercolor designs.

Another favorite set, these Cotman portable sets are really great for throwing in a bag and sketching outside or during your travels. Each set includes a brush and palette, plus the pigments of these colors are super saturated making for maximum opacity, if desired.  

Along with our favorites, we also carry a huge variety of other sets and styles. Chinese watercolors which are also super vibrant, and another portable set that includes a water brush!

We also have watercolor pencils and crayons: just draw normally and then go back in with a wet brush.

These are some of our favorite sketchbooks for using watercolors. 

We also recently got in watercolor canvases! These are mostly just blocks wrapped with watercolor paper, ready to hang. Since the paper isn't of a heavy weight, its best to not do a heavy wash. Less water is best for these.