Monday, August 25, 2014

NEW goodies from across the globe

We've been stocking up on new products like crazy lately! Below are some of our new favorite things from all over the world. 

  Mexican Saints Wallets

 Hand carved stamps from India. These measure approximately 2 inches across.

Mexican clay skeletons and devils. These have charm loops attached for including in jewelry or creating ornaments.

 Tin hammered birds from Haiti. These also include a charm hole for use with multiple projects!

 Indian Good Habits bags that can fit all of your drawing supplies, cosmetics or anything else really!

Glass eyes from India, with a soldered metal backing.

 Hand tinted Mexican Saint cards.

Mexican-inspired sugar skull jewelry available at both locations.

And our favorite: market bags! Currently we have four images in several styles. Perfect for those end of summer beach trips or a grocery store stop.

Lastly, we had such an interest last year on our large sugar skulls, we've created blank ones for you to decorate yourself! Works great with paint markers, rhinestones and glitter pens. Available at both locations!

Most items above are currently only available at our Alberta St.location, unless otherwise noted.