Monday, August 26, 2013

Our Favorite New Products!

Now this is taking Washi tape to a whole new level: chevron shaped! Each color is slightly translucent and excellent for gift wrapping. Available at both our locations!

We've restocked our wax seals along with a few new shapes: strawberry, plane, & crown. Also available at both our locations!

Pearl Pens can be used on any surface and are really great for creating your own pearl accents for cards, glassware, metal jewelry, etc! Available at our Alberta store.

New block printed blank greeting cards.

Inka-Gold is a relatively new product for our Alberta Street store, but we're smitten. Great for any mixed media work (we really like it paired with encaustics!) and they come in such bright colors!

New colors added! Apricot, teal, and mint.