Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dia de los Muertos // Day of the Dead

We know, we know... summer isn't quite over yet, but we can't resist! So many fantastic items have been arriving and we're READY.

Catrina, Guadalupe, and Frida stamps galore!

Mesh market bags in various colors and designs!

Painted tin sacred hearts in various styles and colors.

Wooden bracelets showing religious iconography beads.

Various postcards and notecards.

Papel Picado! Really just great for anytime of the year. These big strands stretch 15 feet across and have assorted colors on each one.

We're big Friday Kahlo fans here, and these shopping bags give you FIVE options of images to choose from.

Best of all: All of these items are available at BOTH of our shops. Yay!